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A quick letter to my younger self

Hi little Barbara,

You would be SHOCKED to hear that we openly talk about our trichotillomania. VERY openly. ALL THE TIME.

I know it was something you hated and wished would disappear. Something that ruined your confidence and brought pain and suffering. Too many moments that cut deep and made lasting impressions - I mean, how else would I have been able to write an entire book about it? The trauma trichotillomania caused has stuck with us but now, little Barbara, we use it for good.

We've stopped hiding and our goal in life is to help others stop hiding too. We share all about our pain, our struggles, our victories and triumphs, with others in the community. Oh, did I mention we are part of a community now? We actually know so many people with trich!!!!!! Like, HUNDREDS of people!!!! And we talk to them!!!!!

You weren't the only one, and you never were.

You are beautiful with or without hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. "You are beautiful no matter that they say." Remember when mom and dad used to play that song to try and cheer us up? Well, guess what? We believe the words now.

I love you, little Barbara!

Talk to you soon!

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