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It's me! Hi!

Hi! My name is Barbara Lally and if you are on my blog then I'm sure you already knew that. If you don't know who I am and stumbled on this blog accidentally or purposefully then you are in for a treat!

Fast Facts: I am from Philadelphia, PA but currently live in West Palm Beach, FL with the love of my life and our obnoxiously cute Australian Shepherd. I'll be 32 in May and I am obsessed with my birthday. Please memorize it: May 23rd. I am a gemini (you can roll your eyes, it's okay). I don't know if this is important but I'm pretty tall - 5' 11"!

I am passionate about making people feel good about themselves. That is what drew me to making content about trichotillomania and what ultimately drew me to life coaching. I believe you can feel beautiful in your skin 100% of the time. It took me a while to become comfortable in mine (19 years!) so if you see my photos, videos, or tiktoks and think, "Wow, she is so confident!" just know that it took a long time and I am a work in progress, just like everyone else :-).

You'll learn more about me, my trichotillomania, my life coaching, and more through this blog. I plan on sharing tips, tricks, funny memories, and much more.

Love ya!


PS. I am a huge Swiftie so if I have blog titles that match a lyric or two, just know it was on purpose and I love her.

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Omg had no idea you’re from Philly area AND a Gemini!! I knew I liked you for a reason lolol 💅

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Barbara Lally
Barbara Lally
28 abr 2023
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Aw yay!! That makes me smile!!

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