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50% of proceeds are donated to BFRB Changemakers!


Hope & healing for the community, by the community.


The BFRB Changemakers focuses on creating healing connection within the community through international conferences, regional meetups and virtual speaker sessions/chatups AND whatever else our team of volunteers can dream up and make happen!


The BFRB Changemakers is an all-volunteer-run organization. Learn more at



"Changemaker" Bracelet Bundle

  • "Changemakers" Bracelet Bundle includes:

    • CHANGEMAKER with randomized blue and orange bracelet
    • Randomized blue and orange bracelet
    • Oombré blue and orange bracelet
    • White with blue and orange bracelet


    • One-size-fits-all
    • Made with clear elastic
    • Randomization patterns vary bracelet to bracelet
    • Non-refundable


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