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The reason I left teaching

Did you know I was a teacher for seven years? I taught 6th grade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for three years and 3rd grade in West Palm Beach, Florida for four years. And after almost a decade of teaching, I left.

You may have heard of teacher burnout... I didn't have that. You may have heard of teachers leaving because they felt unappreciated... I didn't feel that. If anything, I probably had the best situation you could possibly have! Wonderful students, caring parents, and incredibly supportive coworkers and administration. My last school was a dream! I was a fool to leave but I had to.

I left because the only thing I wanted to do was talk about trichotillomania.

After publishing my memoir, The Trichster Diaries, I couldn't stop talking about trichotillomania. I wanted to meet others in the community. I wanted to share about it on podcasts, websites, Instagram, facebook, THE NEWS, everywhere! My life started to revolve around spreading awareness of a disorder that many haven't heard of yet MANY suffer with in silence.

I felt so much lighter once I shared, I wanted others to experience the same feeling. A little over a year after publishing The Trichster Diaries, I published a guided journal that others could write in that would hopefully prompt them into writing their own book called, My Trichster Diaries.

I started interviewing others with trichotillomania on Instagram LIVE in a series I called: Trich Talks! Now, a podcast you can listen to on any streaming service!

From there I began my course, Sharing Our Stories, that uses My Trichster Diaries as a work book. Together, we share our responses aloud to each other and complete empowering activities. We laugh, cry, and simply exist with others who know exactly what we've been through. It is the best feeling in the whole entire world.

After going back to school last October, I am now a certified professional life coach working with clients to reach their dream life. I take the potentially overwhelming question: "What does your ideal life look like?" and break it down into manageable and attainable pieces. How lucky am I that people trust me with their goals and dreams? Very lucky indeed.

This is my dream life.

See what happens when you start sharing your story? It can change your whole life in ways you never even imagined.

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