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So... life coaching?

When you think of a "Life Coach" what comes to mind?

Is it someone in silk robes with beaded necklaces and most likely barefoot? Is it someone just trying to take your money? Is it a person on the sidelines with a whistle around their neck?

In the movies, I often saw life coaches as one of two things: a fraud that uses spirituality to hook you, or a fraud that uses friendship to hook you. Granted, I might be watching the wrong movies but that's what came to mind.

When I decided to pursue life coaching I was skeptical. First, there are a ton of courses promising success that are $4,000+ but when you look at the fine print you find out they aren't endorsed by the department of education - like ummmmm? Kind of playing into the stereotypes here!!! Second, when I started using #lifecoach on Instagram I had other "life coaches" hassling me in my DMs expecting me to tell them personal information - I didn't. It was very weird. What was I getting myself into?

I wanted something trustworthy. I wanted something REAL. I was an educator for heaven's sake, I wanted to LEARN. I looked into adult online education courses through different universities and landed on University of Central Florida's adult education program. It was a perfect fit.

What I learned during my six month course made me shake off all of the negative stereotypes around what I assumed life coaching was. I saw first hand, how impactful coaching can be, why is it an important profession, and why I would be great at it. Not only was I equipped with everything I needed, I had to practice before hand (just like when I was required to do student teaching) and take an exam (just like when I had to take the Praxis). UCF wasn't messing around.

Having a practice client for 6 hour-long sessions was exciting but scary at first! Would someone trust me with their life? Their dreams? Their goals? As it turns out, yes someone would! Meeting with them was life changing, for both of us. It was incredible to see just how quickly they were able to make positive changes in their life. I helped do that! Keyword: helped. I was the facilitator, not the doer.

After I earned my certification, I knew exactly what type of life coach I wanted to be. Someone who helps others reach their dreams by using tried and true methods, who listens closely, who builds a positive relationship with their clients, and who knows just how special it is that someone is willing to share their life with me. I'll never take it for granted.

...Now that'll be $1,000. Just kidding!

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