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Looking forward to 2024

So many wonderful things happened in 2023 that I feel like someone is going to pinch me to wake me up and say this was all a dream! I can't begin to wrap my mind around it all! All I can say is that I feel extremely grateful, even as I write this with bronchitis and an ear infection.

As 2024 quickly approaches I find myself thinking about what I want to do and what this new year will bring. I don't mind creating resolutions but that doesn't necessarily feel right for me at this current time. Instead what comes to my mind is continuation.

I want to continue...

  • openly sharing my journey with trichotillomania

  • helping others in the BFRB community through social media, Trich Talks: The Podcast, and my course Sharing Our Stories

  • raising money for BFRB foundations

  • giving myself grace not only with my trichotillomania but in other areas of my life

  • spending quality time with the people I love

  • feeling grateful for all the wonderful things I have in life

  • living by a quote a dear friend and I love: "I'm so lucky! Everything works out for me!"

I hope whatever you decide to do in 2024, whether that means making big changes in your life or continuing doing the things you are already doing, I hope you are happy doing it!

Happy New Year!

Photograph by: Lena Mei Photography

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