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50% of proceeds are donated!


This Mini Bracelet Bundle is the perfect way to show support for BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors) awareness during the holiday season. This bundle includes a set of two bracelets, each with a unique design and message to promote awareness and spread cheer. 50% of the proceeds from this bundle will be donated to BFRB Foundations to help fund research and support for those affected by BFRBs. Wear these bracelets with pride and help make a difference this holiday season.



"BFRB Merry" Mini Bracelet Bundle

  • "BFRB Merry" Mini Bracelet Bundle includes: 

    • BFRB MERRY with randomized white, clear, red and green bracelet
    • Randomized white, clear, red and green bracelet


    • One-size-fits-all
    • Made with clear elastic
    • Randomization patterns vary bracelet to bracelet
    • Non-refundable
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