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23 random facts about me!

Want to get to know me a little bit better? Here is your chance!

  1. 23 is my favorite number. I was born on May 23 and this year has been MY YEAR...I turned 32 on the 23rd in 2023. That is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

  2. I have a younger brother who was born during my 3rd birthday party. His birthday is May 22nd. I was told that when he was born, everyone at my party was congratulating me on becoming a big sister but I was confused and kept saying, "What?"

  3. I prefer when my marshmallow is burnt to a crisp. Don't even talk to me about how "golden brown" is better. No thank you.

  4. I was always a cat person growing up until I got my first dog. I had some fantastic cats who were so affectionate and would bring me dead things. I learned it meant they loved me the most so I tried to stop acting scared every time I saw another dead thing on my bedroom floor.

  5. I'm right handed but mostly pull out my hair with my left hand. #trichotillomania

  6. I never liked cheese growing up except on pizza but now I eat it a lot. I still don't like cold cheese, so you won't catch me eating a cheese stick but still, growth.

  7. In high school I was on the shot put team for about a week until they told me I should be a sprinter. I was equally bad at both.

  8. I love taking naps! I take one every day!

  9. I'm not superstitious but I am a little-stitious. For example, I do believe that if my right palm itches I will be getting money so I scratch it. If my left palm itches that means I will be losing money so I don't scratch it. I don't know when that started or how I even learned about it.

  10. I am obsessed with Stephen King. I've currently read/listened to 42 out of 82 of his books. Working on my 43rd now.

  11. As a Philly native, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of my favorite shows EVER. So funny.

  12. I could NOT read in second grade. Vividly remember getting pulled out of class by a reading teacher AND going to a reading camp in the summer.

  13. I love arts & crafts. Always have. Always will.

  14. I host a book club! Barbara's Book Club! It is open to anyone and can be found on Instagram @barbaras.bookclub

  15. I went to sleep away camp for a month in the summer. I went four summers in a row!

  16. I have two tattoos!

  17. I love living in Florida and could live here for the rest of my life.

  18. I enjoy untangling things. Necklace has a knot? Hand it over. Shoe lace has a huge knot you can't get out? Say less.

  19. I read before bed every night.

  20. I'm fine with being the middle seat on an airplane. I truly don't care where I sit.

  21. I have a scar under my right eyebrow that required stitches. I was running in the house, tripped, and smashed my face on a windowsill. I was in the 1st grade so the scar never made me think differently about my face. It would be weird if I didn't have it.

  22. I plan on writing and publishing more books in the future! So far I have three: The Trichster Diaries, My Trichster Diaries: A Guided Journal, and Vicissitudes: A Book of Poetry.

  23. I have been madly in love for the last 8 years with the most incredible person in the world!

I hope you've had fun reading some fun facts about me!

Now back to the regular scheduled content - Bye for now!

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